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Gel Nails on broken Nails - Is that possible?

Question by Guest | 2014-12-11 at 21:38

Once again, I wanted to save some money and went to the cheapest nail salon in town. Unfortunately, they have completely ruined my nails there!

First of all, they filed down my fingernails much too heavy until it started to hurt (there was hardly nothing left from the natural nail). After that, they continued with their terrible work and applied the gel totally irregular and crooked: I was totally dissatisfied with the results of this studio and I have already tried to remove as much from the nails as possible.

Now, it looks even worse and I would prefer to immediately make all of it new! The only question is whether it is generally possible to model new gel nails on these broken nails in this state? What do you think?

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If the natural nail is destroyed in this heavy way (as far as I can imagine according to your description), an immediate complete new modeling is not really an option.

I suggest to give your fingernails a few months of rest, so that they can grow back (maybe even a doctor is necessary). I think that in the current state, probably the gel would not hold.

However, after the natural nail has recovered, you should go to a reasonable nail designer that this does not happen again!
2014-12-12 at 19:43

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