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Nail polish and nail polish remover on artificial nails

Question by Lipstick | 2012-07-23 at 22:14

I got beautiful artificial nails (gel nails). I like them very much and I find them nice and great, but I wonder, if I could make them for a weekend in a different color.

Now I'm scared to mess up my whole nails by doing this! I'm less afraid to apply the nail polish, but I think, maybe, using the nail polish remover could not be the best idea. Can the nails get broken because of this procedure or is it harmless?

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That should not be a problem. What you have to take care about, is to only use acetone free polish remover!

The acetone free nail polish remover should be available in any drugstore, if you do not use it anyway (it is the better choice in any case).

If it is not free of acetone, you risk that the nails dissolve! And however, we do not want this!
2012-07-24 at 15:25

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