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How often can Gel Nails be made new in succession?

Question by Guest | 2016-05-21 at 10:23

I have recently purchased my first do it yourself gel nail set and at the moment, I am eager to try out as many nail styles as possible.

When I have just made my nails new, an idea of improvement comes to my mind again so that I want to do and nothing else than starting to file the "old" nails down in order to refresh them and to make on you again. I am just on fire!

However, now I wonder whether the frequent re-doing can harm my natural nails and whether you should or can do that in this way at all. Of course, I do not want to ruin my finger nails! Do you have any experiences on how often you can make new gel nails after each other consecutively or in sequence? Keep in mind, I have nothing else to practice my nail style skills.

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Apart from the fact that I had absolutely no desire to make my nails multiple times after each other new again and again (I think that making them for one time already is very time consuming), I think, that you can refresh your gel nails as much often as you want in succession.

But: Always keep in mind that your natural nail does not suffer! That is, you must never file that much that the natural nail becomes too thin!

As long as you are just working on the gel and modeling it and you care about your natural nail, nothing can go wrong.
2016-05-21 at 16:29

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If you just want to practice or if you just want to try out a new look, I would suggest you to buy a so-called "Nail Training Hand".

A training hand is a model of a hand, at which you can make as many nails as you want. This hand is patient and especially when you are still learning how to do gel nails correctly, it is more practical than doing everything on your own hands.

Otherwise, I can understand you quite well. In my early days, I made my nails every three days in order to try out a new look. As Lipstick already has mentioned, you only have to care about your natural nail with not filing too much material away.
2016-05-22 at 17:58

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