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Gel nails turning yellow after a few days

Question by Guest | 20.11.2014 at 16:36

I hope that someone can help me. I really do not know why, but for some reason, with time my gel nails are turning yellow more and more.

After I was in the nail studio and I have just made my nails fresh, they are still looking nice. But after some days, the fingernails are always becoming more and more yellow and discolored. It primarily affects the white space in the front of my French nails, the area that should be white and not yellowed.

What can I do that the white color is remaining? It looks terrible now!



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There are several reasons imaginable making your gel nails turning yellow:

  • Cheap Gel: The main reason for such discoloration usually is a bad and cheap gel that takes dirt and that is not comfortable with light. Who wants to have fun with nails, should not save at this point.
  • Tanning Salon: Some gels can not tolerate the light in the solarium. Remedy is a special sun gel or varnishing the nails before going under the sun.
  • Smoking: Typical yellow fingers of smokers. In some way, transparent nail polish may help which should be renewed every few days. Or better: Quit smoking at all.
  • Incompatible Materials: Sometimes gel gets stained because of working with fabrics that are not tolerated by the gel (for example, cleaning agents or hair coloring). 

I hope I could help you a bit.
22.11.2014 at 18:03

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In past, I often had problems with discoloration of my nails.

I got the tip to just include some glitter into the nails. With this, the yellow color is hardly noticeable.
27.11.2014 at 18:23

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I am experiencing the same thing. The polish is turning yellow, sometimes after a week, now I noticed it as soon the manicure was done. I am not a smoker, nor do I use harsh chemicals. I could see the difference right at the salon.
04.06.2016 at 03:11

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Same happens to me. I swear it's because I wear a lot of black clothes. I've ruled out just about everything else... Jeans too I think.
03.08.2016 at 14:00

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Mine did this. Pop them back under a led or uv light. They went back to close to normal. You want to put under a light till they get warm. Makes no sense but there's no explanation i can come up with just a solution. I've used different gels, primers and such. I even used a gel Polish that turned funky yellow. Try popping back under a light and let it heat up.
18.11.2016 at 19:54

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I'm also going to try nsi aitshield. It makes no sense to me. 8 hours after i used my gel as a top coat one hand turned really yellow. I did nails and went to bed so nothing touched them. I'm trying a top coat of airshield to see if it stops the yellow otherwise I'll need to use one of my pink top coats to make them look better.
18.11.2016 at 23:34

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I feel this is happening to me because of either my facial wipes or when I use Clorox wipes to clean.
17.01.2017 at 21:27

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Agreed! I noticed the yellowing of my French gel manicure after using Clorox wipes too. I also used Mr. Clean Magic Eraser the same day.
07.02.2017 at 06:28

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My beautiful pink pearlish color turns yellow. I love my nail shop but cannot wear this color without it turning into smokers yellow. I don't smoke or put my hands in anything toxic. Wth?!
04.02.2017 at 02:40

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I have a theory that it's the salt in water softeners. I've had French pedicure when I lived in California and they always lasted a long time since living in Texas it has turned yellow and looks awful. I tried a lot of different nail salons and that is the only difference. We have a water softener here and no in California. Can anyone agree?
06.02.2017 at 07:22

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My Gel nail tips do the same thing... I am not a smoker, or use any harsh chemicals.... I've been wondering if we have hard water or water with high iron levels?? 

I've thought and thought what it could be?? It's only started happening in the last year or so. I go to the same nail salon. Finally, I've been having them use color on the tips with glitter. The rest of my nail does not turn, just the white?? Thoughts????
15.02.2017 at 21:16

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I started getting pink and white, paying a little more but my white tip stays white. I love gel, but when I want French mani, I just do solar.
02.03.2017 at 03:09

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This too has been happening to me recently. I have come to the conclusion..... It's my facial moisturizer! I use a moisturizer that contained high spf (20+) that I apply before my makeup. Have you ever worn a white dress/cover up/shirt or bathing suit that turned yellow during the summer?? It's because of your sunblock. I truly believe this is why my nails are changing. I hope this helps!
12.03.2017 at 15:52

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I had the same problem. I found out my nails were turning brown because of some new black leggings. Once I washed them, the problem was gone.
10.05.2017 at 08:22

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I had this same issue. I type a lot for a living and figured out that it was what they were cleaning my keyboard with at work on the weekends. The residue left over from the cleaning agent was turning my nails yellow so to remedy that I wiped down my keyboard with a wet rag every Monday morning and never had a problem with it again.
29.05.2017 at 00:07

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I'm a resin artist and recently started using polymer clay and just looking for some quicker ways to seal some small pieces so was looking into gel nail polish. For what it's worth, I do know that many resins will turn yellow over time. And face it, nail gel is a uv cure resin. It's a major complaint of resin artists. This is especially true for pieces that are used outside, they can sometimes turn yellow very quickly. You have to be careful with the brands, Youtube shows some comparison videos if you're interested. This is probably true in your field as well.
30.05.2017 at 16:52

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