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How fast do humans grow?

Question by Oracle of Love | 2016-05-28 at 18:50

I am interested in the growth of human beings. Are there any specific investigations about how quickly persons are growing at a specific age and at what age humans are full grown and the growth is completed? Finally growing is mostly happening in different phases as far as I know.

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Indeed there are very high individual differences and there are also differences between the sexes. Because for girls mostly the puberty is beginning earlier compared to boys, girls are becoming taller first, but later the boys are catching them up.

In general, the growth speed is most rapid as infant. At that age, it can be a growth of 20 cm per year. However, it is quickly becoming slower, at the age of 4-5 years there are only 5 cm per year left. Thereafter the growth is slowing down further until the beginning of the puberty (14-15 years) where growing can reach 6 to 8 cm per year. The more the puberty progresses, the slower the growth becomes again. In most cases it ends with an annual growing of 2 centimeters until an age of 20-21 - then it is over in most cases. Only a few people are going on growing after that age, mostly not more than 1 cm per year.

And as we all know: in an old age often the growing turns to the reverse into the negative, shrinking it is not a rarity in the last days of life.
2016-05-29 at 17:38

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