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Can you lose weight with a corset?

Question by Guest | 2018-02-23 at 15:16

I have heard that you can lose weight with the help of corsets. If you tighten the waist permanently, the effect should not only occur during lacing but even last longer.

Is that correct? Can you really lose weight with a corset and get a tighter or thinner waist?

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The main effect, of course, only occurs while you are laced. As soon as you remove the corset, your waist will normally return to its original shape and you will look as you did before.

However, if you wear the corset permanently and also during your meals, the corset may cause you to eat less than usual and thereby you can indeed lose weight indirectly through the corset. Finally, your abdomen will have a smaller volume due to the corset, and you'll be full faster and accordingly eat less.
2018-02-23 at 23:25

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