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Mac OS X: DEL-Key does not delete Files

Question by Ive | 2016-06-10 at 21:51

I would like to delete a file from the Explorer respectively Finder on a Mac. On Windows, you can just use the key DEL for that purpose. However, on the operating system Mac OS X, it seems as if this is not possible somehow. I always have to use the right mouse key in order to go through the context menu for each deletion which is quite cumbersome in the long run.

Is there really no keyboard shortcut for deleting files via the keyboard available on the Apple Mac?

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Instead of the DEL key, Mac OS X is using the key combination CMD + BACKSPACE for deleting files.

You can find the CMD key next to the space key, the BACKSPACE key is located directly over the ENTER key.

Please note: The more intuitive CMD + DEL is not working as keyboard shortcut for deleting, you really have to use the backspace key with which it is also possible to delete the last entered text, for example.
2016-06-10 at 23:59

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