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Mac OS X: Shortcut CMD + DEL is not working

Question by Guest | 2016-06-06 at 16:10

Is it really that difficult to just delete a file from a folder on the operating system Mac OS X? After selecting a file on Windows, you can just press the DEL key in order to delete it.

Apart from that, on the Apple Mac, nothing happens when using this keyboard shortcut in the Finder. I have googled this problem for a long time and I found that you have to use the key combination CMD + DEL for that. However, this is also not working for me. Can someone help me?

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The keyboard shortcut CMD + DEL is not referring to the DEL key that you know from Windows. Instead, the backspace key is meant (the key directly located over the Enter key).

With CMD + BACKSPACE you should be able to successfully delete files and folders on your Mac.
2016-06-06 at 19:35

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