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May I warm up meals with mushrooms again?

Question by Lily | 2012-09-16 at 21:43

I'm not sure. My mother always said at that time, that you should not reheat meals containing mushrooms for eating it, because otherwise, you run danger to get poisoned.

She also said, that it would have been stated earlier on all packages of mushrooms.

Honestly, I have never read such a thing on a package and do not know what to make of it. May or may not warming up such meals?

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I am speaking of my personal experience. Countless times, I have reheated frozen pizza with mushrooms (Funghi) or other meals with mushrooms to eat it again and it has never happened something, I'm still alive.

I've also never heard, that just mushrooms should be so unhealthy. So, no idea, if there is something in it or not.
2012-09-18 at 23:15

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Mushrooms are in fact highly perishable and likely, I thing, that is the reason, where the concerns of your mother are coming from. Probably, your mother comes from a different generation, in which there were no refrigerators and other modern ways to preserve food and to improve their shelf life.

If you preserve your frozen pizza funghi not outside the refrigerator and you cool down it again instead, nothing should happen. Nevertheless, you should, of course, inspect all food, that is a little bit older exactly, just because, there may always be something to it.

So, I would not completely rule out eating warmed up mushroom meals.
2012-09-21 at 10:03

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