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Meaning of green license plates in Germany

Question by Sea Sven | 2018-02-28 at 08:30

Recently I have once again seen a German license plate with green letters. For a long time I have been wondering what these green marks mean and today I am finally ready to ask.

Somehow I also have the feeling that some years ago more cars with green registration plates were traveling than today, it seems to have become a little less. Maybe this impression is only subjective.

So, does anyone know about license plates and can tell me what that means if a car has such a green number plate?

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A green license plate means that the vehicle is tax-exempt.

The regulations can be found in §3 KraftStG (German Motor Vehicle Tax Act). Exemptions include, for example, certain agricultural and forestry vehicles, tractors used solely for the operation of a showman business, vehicles used exclusively for street cleaning, self-propelled machinery such as cranes or pumps or vehicles used for charitable purposes or by aid organizations.

Even trailers can be tax exempt under certain circumstances and thus get the green license plate. These are, for example, trailers that are used only for a specific purpose (for example, for the transport of boats or aircrafts) or trailers of trucks, in which a higher tax is paid for the towing vehicle (see also §10 KraftStG). These trailers may then only be moved by towing vehicles that pay these higher taxes.

It is also important to know that you can actually use the vehicle only for the corresponding - tax-exempt - purpose, otherwise you make yourself liable to prosecution.

As you can see, there are once again a lot of exceptions and things that have to be strictly adhered to, so that the green license plate and the tax exemption are possible. My explanations are therefore only a rough introduction to the subject. If you want to know exactly, you should definitely look into the links and the law.
2018-02-28 at 23:03

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