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No "Fonts from Font Files" on Linux?

Question by Guest | 2023-11-03 at 15:50

I have a large collection of fonts on my Linux box that I don't want all loaded at the same time. But there's no "Fonts from Font Files" checkbox when I run from there, but there is on Windows.

I also tried adding my font directories to the "Default Fonts" in the "Fonts List" tab under settings.

Is there any way to accomplish printing non-system installed fonts in Linux?

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Currently, this function is only available in the versions for Windows and MacOS.

PrintMyFonts is using a system API for registering the uninstalled fonts on these systems. On Linux, with its widespread of distributions and different window managers, it is not possible to do the same in such a general way.
2023-11-03 at 16:27

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