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Sitting in the Fitting Room - Unhygienic?

Question by Guest | 2018-01-27 at 04:43

Hey you love! My question relates to the hygiene !!!

Like most of us women, I really like to go shopping !!!

And if you find and like some clothes, then it is the most normal thing in the world that you try it on (at least when winter bacon is gone) :D

However, I think it is something weird to sit down on these stools or chairs in the dressing room without pants, because I always ask myself the question: "Who knows who sat there before?"

So I always take something else (for example a scarf) in addition into the changing cubicle just to sit down on it!

May sound crazy but I'm really going this way!

How is that with you ??? Do you think you can "catch" there something and get ill or a disease after contact with those bacteria ????

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Indeed, I do not find your question and your concerns unfounded. However, I do not think that the main risk comes from the chairs or stools in the fitting room.

Rather, I find it unhygienic walking barefoot around on the dressing rooms floor where previously either someone with athlete's foot was standing or someone else with shoes that was running through whatever dirt in the outdoors before.

I also do not like the idea of putting on clothes that might already have been on someones skin with various skin diseases.

So in theory, you can really catch something in the dressing room, if there was somebody in there before you, but fortunately, viruses and bacteria do not last so long and the body has quite good defenses, so that I can see a probability there, but that should not be so big that every second fitting room visit leads directly to the hospital ...
2018-01-27 at 23:20

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Why do you sit down on the stool without clothes? Actually, I only use the stool to test how a pair of pants are fitting while sitting. Otherwise, if I take off my shoes, for example, I'm still dressed and still have the pants on.

And so that's nothing else than to sit on a public bench or for example in the train... I find the seats in public transport or the park benches usually much more disgusting than those in the dressing rooms...

How do you do it in trains in buses? Are you also putting something on the seats there before sitting down? Then I would understand you...
2018-01-28 at 12:31

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