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Tights do not hold and rip quickly! What can I do?

Question by Marry | 2018-12-16 at 03:19

I have a serious problem! Tights usually do not hold an evening for me and like to tear, which of course is not nice! I always take extra 2 spare pairs with me just not to get into a predicament. Sometimes in vain.

Does anyone have a tip where you can buy durable tights? Or what else can you do with this problem?

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I had the same problem until I tried the cheap clothes discount stores, very cheap and durable. I just wear them up to 2 times and then I just throw them away.

Whenever I am at my discounter around the corner I buy directly the whole shelf empty! And that for the price of 20 nylons from the specialized trade!
2018-12-16 at 22:05

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I have no idea if that works.

But I once heard

  1. that you should wet tights with water before you wear them for the first time
  2. and then they should be put one night in the freezer.
  3. Then you should thaw the tights slowly and afterwards they should last forever!

As I said, I have never tried this trick myself and therefore I can not guarantee that it will work. But a try is certainly worth it and with your tights consumption it seems to be no big loss, if it should go wrong.

By the way, it should suffice to carry out this procedure only once.
2018-12-17 at 00:05

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I can add that for me just the cheapest nylons are the ones that break the fastest. Here you should rather dig deeper into your money pocket, because more expensive models often have reinforcements in the areas where the tights break the fastest and therefore last longer.

Otherwise, the care of the tights is important: never reach into the nylon with long fingernails, only carefully pull up the pants, be careful that you do not touch to any sharp objects and best wash them by hand. If this is too complicated, you should at least put the tights in a small bag, before you put them in the washing machine, otherwise they unnecessarily suffer.
2018-12-17 at 12:30

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