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When will there be the next total solar eclipse in Germany?

Question by Lipstick | 2018-07-01 at 10:06

I would like to know when we may experience the next total solar eclipse in the sky of Germany. An event that I would like to experience once in my life. It has to be an interesting feeling when everything suddenly goes dark during the day.

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Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you. At least for Germany, you have to wait a bit longer for that. The next dates for a total solar eclipse in Germany are namely:

3. September 20817. October 2135
14. June 215114. April 2200

In 2081 we will all be quite old or maybe not living anymore.

In Europe there are the next visible solar eclipses on 12.8.2026 (visible in Iceland, Portugal, Spain and the Balearic Islands) and on 2.8.2027 (visible in Spain and Gibraltar).
2018-07-01 at 15:50

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