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Windows: Keyboard Shortcut for showing the Desktop

Question by Guest | 2016-06-20 at 16:06

Is there any key combination available on Windows with which you can immediately show the desktop?

Of course, you can also use your mouse for clicking the corresponding button on the task bar with which you can minimize all opened windows automatically so that you can see the desktop.

However, I am regularly and usually only working with my keyboard so that it is quite cumbersome when I always have to grab the mouse with my hands. So, it would be very handy for me if there is some keyboard shortcut.

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The keyboard shortcut is WIN + D.

So, you only have to keep the windows key pressed while pressing the D key.

When pressing WIN + D twice in a row, all Windows will first be minimized and then maximized again, so that the initial state is restored after that.
2016-06-21 at 12:15

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