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Yellowed Nails after Solarium

Question by Guest | 2014-08-21 at 23:30

I had made beautiful gel nails and was in the tanning salon last days. Somehow, this seems not to be the best idea for my nails, because they are yellow now.

Can that be? I am not sure whether this discoloration of my fingernails is only because of the solarium, but otherwise I have no idea how to explain it. What can I do against this yellow stain?

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It can happen, that gel nails or acrylic nails discolor in the tanning salon.

Often, it is up to the gel you have used. Some gel products are more sensitive than others. If you are often in the sun, you should ensure that you are taking only gel that is made for much sun light and particularly insensitive.

Otherwise, it could help to apply sunblocker or transparent varnish to your nails before going to the tanning salon and to remove it after. There also some special nail polish products for just this purpose (Gilbstop).
2014-08-22 at 10:38

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Another little tip:

Place the nails in your hair or take little "socks", in which you put the nails so that they can not get so much "sun". 
2014-08-24 at 19:24

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