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How to forget your ex easily?
Recently, I broke up with my boyfriend. We've been together for nearly two years. Because he has to study abroad and...
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Relationship without affection? Is that normal?
I have been in a relationship for 2 years and over time my partner's affection and fondness has become less and less. Until...
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My wife is suddenly lesbian! What to do?
I'm just very confused! My wife suddenly told me a month ago that she loves another woman!! We tried out new things in the...
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I love you - In all languages
Here you can see the sentence "I love you" in all possible languages! Not just 100, but 416 times! If you know the declaration of...
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Does he love me or my body?
I have a little problem with my boyfriend that I would rather discuss anonymously here. It's about the question of whether...
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My boyfriend prefers talking to his best buddy about his problems rather than me
For my boy friend, his best buddy seems to be the first port of call for his problems rather than me. Whenever something really...
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Mandy: When I read how you are describing the situation, it seems as if you had good reasons for breaking. You're not writing that you are...
Question | How to forget your ex easily?
Guest: You can wear them at home for private moment, use platform in public that might be easier for...
Question | My boyfriend forces me to wear high heels
Guest: Let him know if you wear heels for his satisfaction there are things he has to follow. 1 He has to be willing to help you keep your...
Question | Wear High Heels only for Boy Friend?
Magic Love: It always depends on the individual, there are people with a strong need for affection and, in turn, others with less or no need for it....
Question | Relationship without affection? Is that normal?
Guest: Let her go and enjoy your life in freedom. What could have happened better? I would let her go and then make a nice trip to Thailand...
Question | My wife is suddenly lesbian! What to do?
Guest: Have you ever thought of having a relationship of 3? You could continue to enjoy and have fun together. I'm sure, her...
Question | My wife is suddenly lesbian! What to do?

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Does he love me or my body?
Question | 2 Answers
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