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Would you change yourself for your partner?

Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman: Would you change yourself for your partner? I look forward to the...

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I am a people pleaser. How can I deal with it?

My boyfriend told me that I am a people pleaser because I don't feel comfortable to say no to people or reject them. I feel embarrassed to turn...

Question | 1 Answer

How to forget your ex easily?

Recently, I broke up with my boyfriend. We've been together for nearly two years. Because he has to study abroad and it's hard to maintain...

Question | 1 Answer

How to politely ask your friends leave some privacy for you?

Hi guys, it's been bothering me a long time. I have a best friends when I was a little kids. We grow up together and share a lots of happy...

Question | 1 Answer

How to maintain friendship?

I am not that kind of person who like to share everything online and sometimes I just want to be alone. That doesn't mean I am hard to be...

Question | 2 Answers

Relationship without affection? Is that normal?

I have been in a relationship for 2 years and over time my partner's affection and fondness has become less and less. Until it almost completely...

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Guest: Keep wearing them. It hurts now but it'll get easier after a while. He loves you, you love him, continuing to wear them and making him happy...

Question | My boyfriend forces me to wear high heels

Guest: I understand him. The higher shoes, the sexier look! And if you need help try a tight long skirt to hold you...

Question | My boyfriend forces me to wear high heels

Guest: If he loves you, do it and you will get used to it and you can get thick...

Question | My boyfriend forces me to wear high heels

Albatross66: Am I insane? I have my own life. I would never let my partner change me! It is out of the...

Voting | Would you change yourself for your partner?

Ancient: Regarding the question: I almost always had women as bosses and we got along very well. Especially because of my passion for high heels, I had and...

Voting | Are there any friendships between men and women possible?

Guest: It can be such a beautiful proof of love. And both of them can benefit from it, if you understand what I mean.....

Voting | Would you change yourself for your partner?

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