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My boyfriend forces me to wear high heels

Question by Guest | 2016-10-26 at 17:26

I do not really know what I can do more! I am loving my boyfriend above all and normally, I would do everything for him to keep on staying with him! However, I do not know what I can do now.

My friend is totally into all what has an exalted heel: pumps, boots, wedges - just high heels in all variations - the higher the better. However, I am not at all the type of girl wearing those shoes. At least earlier in my previous life, before I have met him.

For his sake, I have tried it so often, sometimes I am even very high heels as house shoes. However, he always wants more and I should always get higher and higher! Especially in public, I am feeling totally unsecure on such high heels and I would love to wear my sneakers in such situations. Somehow wearing in high heels takes too long time for me to come from one place to another one and I am always feeling like a stork in the salad.

Nonetheless, he is always so proud of me, when I nevertheless managed and endured walking on those high shoes, so that I am often trying to fulfill his desire.

Regardless of that, I do not know how long I can still bear this life. Does someone have any advice for me? Thank you so much!

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You should wear what you personally like most and what makes you happy. No one should force you to wear something you do not want to wear.

If he do not want to have a girlfriend without high heels and you do not want to put on high heels, it seems as if you just do not really fit together - unless one of you concede.

After all, there are enough boys and men liking eco-women wearing sneakers and there are also enough girls and women loving high heels. Why don't you just search for someone fitting to you?
2016-10-27 at 10:12

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You can wear them at home for private moment, use platform in public that might be easier for you.
2019-04-23 at 01:49

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Wear them. Keep wearing them. I know it hurts, but it’ll get easier over time. Continuing to wear them will only bring you two closer together, deepening your bond. Sometimes let him pick out your heels. Trust me, it may be hard at times, but it’s so worth it at the end
2022-05-24 at 05:30

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If he loves you, do it and you will get used to it and you can get thick ones.
2022-07-17 at 14:35

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I understand him. The higher shoes, the sexier look!

And if you need help try a tight long skirt to hold you up.
2022-08-23 at 10:33

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Keep wearing them. It hurts now but it'll get easier after a while. He loves you, you love him, continuing to wear them and making him happy will bring you two closer together. It'll be worth it
2023-07-19 at 08:08

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