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My boyfriend prefers talking to his best buddy about his problems rather than me

Question by Guest | 12/05/2018 at 12:03

For my boy friend, his best buddy seems to be the first port of call for his problems rather than me. Whenever something really depresses him, he meets his friend in the pub and is talking the whole night.

Am I doing anything wrong? Why does he not come to me? I have often offered him that he can also discuss his things with me. He can talk to me about everything! What can I do to make him more familiar again?



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I do not think his behavior is because he does not trust you or you're doing something wrong.

Rather, it will probably be due to the male-female thing: men talk to each other quite differently than with women or their partner. They feel much better understood by another man, he can solve the problems in a "masculine" way rather than in a "feminine" one - and perhaps he do not want to put any problem into the relationship. In addition, many men are reluctant to show weakness in front of their partner, which would make such a conversation even more difficult.

More than offering (not annoying) him, that you have an open ear for him, you can not do now. If he likes to talk to his buddy about problems, you should just accept that and not worry about doing anything wrong.
12/05/2018 at 20:16

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