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Can I self-lace a corset?

Question by Guest | 2015-11-03 at 17:29

For a long time, I am dreaming about buying one of those corsets you can see at some old movies. However, so far, I have not dared to do so, but now, I want to surprise my boyfriend with it.

Now, I wonder, if I can also put on and lace the corset on my own. Because, in the films, there is always another person doing it. I have to say, I am too embarrassed to ask someone else and for my boyfriend, it is supposed to be a surprise. Can someone with some experience help me?

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That is absolutely no problem. Perhaps, it is not that simple as it would be if someone else is lacing you, but with a little practice, there is no problem to do it on your own.

After you have threaded the string, you have to make sure that the two cords are still having a small loop in the middle. With pulling both loops simultaneously with both hands to the sides, you can tighten the corset. If necessary, you should from time to time also pull the strings from above and below.

Sometimes even a doorknob is quite useful: Just hang both ends of the cord on both sides of the doorknob and walk so far forward that the cord is hooked. Then it is easy to adjust and tighten the lacing.

The only thing that might be a bit difficult is to bind the loop on the back blindly at the end of the lacing. However, with some practice, you should also be able to do that quickly.
2015-11-04 at 15:59

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Its simple.. Open laces wide so corset fits easily round your waist. grab the puller loops at the waist and heave away untill your happy. cross the laces over at the back and bring them round to the front. tuck them between and under the busk in a V shape, that way you can quickly loosen (or) tighten them some more. Just remember to go SLOW with the process until you are acustomed to the tightness. Happy lacing. Careful its adictive :-)
2022-07-13 at 00:28

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