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Difference between Corset and Corsage

Question by Guest | 2015-11-04 at 11:26

Can someone explain to me what exactly is the difference between a corset and a corsage? Or are both terms standing for the same piece of clothing?

I looked at some pictures on the internet and provided by online shops and could not figure out what the difference should be. Can someone enlighten me?

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The difference is that a corset is much stiffer and stronger than a corsage - even if both garments may look similar.

With a corset, you can shake a body, for example, you can create a wasp waist.  Hence the corset contains strong metal bones.

In contrast, a corsage cannot or can only a little shape your body. Although a corsage may also contain some bones, they are not that strong like the corset ones and they are more made for keeping the corsage straight then modeling the waist. So, unlike the corset, the corsage is quite soft and does not reserve its form automatically.
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A corset is a bodice garment used to bolster the breasts and slim the waist.

A corsage is the flower bracelet you traditional present your date for the prom. She wears it on her wrist.
2020-09-03 at 17:37

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