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Skinny Jeans are becoming wider with time - What can I do?

Question by Guest | 2016-06-16 at 19:31

I have a quite huge problem with my tight skinny jeans! When coming fresh washed from the washing machine, everything fits perfectly and the jeans are tight and firm.

However, as soon as three hours have passed, the jeans begin to slurp and they turn baggy. The longer I am wearing them, the wider the trousers are becoming and the worse it is! I can hardly think about wearing my jeans two days in succession.

Now, I am interested and in what you are doing. When I am working through the streets looking at the jeans of other girls, I think, they do not have a problem at all. How are you doing this? How long are you wearing your jeans and do you have any idea, trick or tip how to make the jeans holding longer and keeping their form?

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According to my experience, it depends on two things.

On the one hand, it depends on the quantity of stretch of the jeans. If the jeans do not contain any stretch/elastan, they are becoming wider accordingly faster.

On the other hand, it is all about the size of the jeans. If the jeans are fitting perfectly when they are new and fresh washed, in every day life the jeans are in almost all cases too large for me. You have to consider the jeans enlargement already when purchasing the trousers: since I am buying jeans that are actually a little bit too small and too tight when trying them on in the job, I got rid of the getting-wider problem. Of course, immediately after putting them on, they are a bit uncomfortable, but in exchange, they are fitting perfectly after they have become wider.
2016-06-16 at 21:37

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I can only agree to my previous speaker. You already have to consider that the jeans will become wider later when buying them.

Therefore, I am purchasing my skinny jeans always that tigth that I hardly can put them on (only after trying it for several times). Only in this case, the jeans are fitting perfectly later and they are not immediately wearing out or going baggy.

When not doing so, I only can wear my jeans for a few hours a day (until they are too wide).
2016-06-18 at 16:36

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