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Jeans: Which is the tightest fit, cut, fashion or model?

Question by Queen90 | 2013-07-30 at 11:10

Meanwhile, I am becoming increasingly confused with jeans offers. Some time ago, I was aware to baggies as the wider jeans and skinny jeans at the tight ones. But when going to the stores today, I am faced with endless shelves of slim fit, shrink fit, slinky fit and other types of skinny jeans.

All these names are somehow sounding like they are skintight jeans, but which of these fits or cuts brings me to the tightest jeans that I can get in the store? How to find the closest model of a manufacturer? I really can not try on 100 jeans in a row! Why do the manufacturers and stores make it so hard to understand?

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Finding the right tight jeans model can be very difficult and I know some girls who really had to try on the 100 models you have mentioned until they have found a good fitting one.

Regarding the variety of different names, my theory is the following: it is fashionable to wear increasingly tighter jeans. For this reason, you can only sell your jeans if the corresponding jeans model name sounds as tightly as possible. Therefore, manufacturers are inventing new names sounding tighter than the models of other competitors. When comparing the names of the different manufacturers, you can see that some names are the same, but there are are also some different names used by only one trademark.

Therefore, you can only assume that Super Skinny Jeans are tighter than Skinny Jeans within the same manufacturer, but you cannot compare them with jeans models of other manufacturers.

To make matters worse, the tightness of jeans is not only controled by the cut of the jeans, but also by the size of the jeans. Actually, you really must control the tightness via the size. Therefore, in order to find the best fitting jeans, sometimes, it is a better idea not to take the super skinny jeans, but to take rather "only" the skinny jeans - but one size tighter. The best way to behave always depends on your figure.

If I were you, I would try not to be irritated by the many names. Instead, in a first step, I would seek for the jeans model you like best depending on the outer appearance and the look and after that, in a second step, I would try on only these selection of jeans in different sizes in order to find the perfect jeans for you. Otherwise it would hardly be possible.
2013-07-31 at 15:32

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As Lipstick has said before, also for me, the wide range of names is only a simple marketing joke! All of those names are nothing more than the classic skinny jeans. Instead, you should better have a look at the model and the fabric of the jeans. If this material is very tensile and stretchy, it is a jeggings (mix of jeans and leggings), which can be worn very close and skintight to the body and the skin.

However, not all people like the feeling of such jeggings on the skin, they prefer something more solid to feel comfortable. In that case, just buy a normal tight jeans with a normal jeans fabric. You can check out the fabric of the jeans by trying to pull it apart.
2013-07-31 at 21:57

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