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Jeans: How tight is too tight?

Question by Guest | 2014-01-20 at 20:38

I really love tight jeans and I must confess that sometimes, I overstate it a bit with the tightness of my pants - but I just like the feeling on my skin when I am wrapped so tight. So, I wonder at which point or with which size the limit is reached and the jeans is just too tight.

Of course, tight jeans or super modern and everyone wears them, but where is the end? Sometimes, it lasts eternities until I am in my jeans but then I enjoy the feeling even more. Also, I often get compliments for my tight jeans - I do not want to miss them when wearing looser jeans.

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I think there is no "too tight" with jeans. Actually, there are only two possibilities: either you can close the jeans or who cannot close the jeans.

In the case, you cannot close the jeans, you should not wear them.

But, however, if you fit into the pants, it just depends on your feel-good factor. There are people who like and love to their tight clothes (me too) and there are others who only feel good in baggy clothes. Each one has another limit for that board is comfortable.

So, if you say that you like the feeling of your tight jeans and that you are feeling comfortable with them, nothing is against wearing those pants. Only if it is a pain to wear your tight clothes, I would think about whether the pants are too tight. And with you, the opposite seems to be the case.
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I can understand you very. I also like tight jeans very much. Usually I get even more compliments when wearing tight jeans than when I wear a skirt!

In my opinion, it is just a matter of habit to wear tight clothes. If you have not wear tight things for a while, first, it is almost always something uncomfortable.

But the longer and the more often you wear the things, the more you get used to it and eventually at some point, you cannot realize any difference.

In your place, I really would not worry so much about it, just wear the things, in which you feel best.
2014-01-24 at 21:36

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I too love wearing tight jeans and seeing someone in them. I've also had compliments and had girls tell me they could see every bit of me and liked it.

But then I've had jeans that where so tight that they didn't show my body at all, they just looked flat because they where stretched so tightly. I guess that's too tight.
2015-07-08 at 11:57

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