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Clean contact lenses without solution and store them at night

Question by Guest | 2012-08-24 at 22:48

Often, it happens to me, that I spontaneously stay somewhere over the night. Unfortunately, I wear contact lenses and it is always difficult, because I have not, of course, the necessary care products such as contact lens disinfecting solution and the small box for storage with me.

In order to reduce the stress on my eyes, I then usually threw away the soft monthly lenses at the evening and then the next morning, I got out blind of the house.

Slowly, this solution is becoming a bit expensive for me. I would like to take the monthly lenses a month long and so, I wonder, if there is no other way to clean the contact lenses or store them overnight by using the things, you can find in a normal household. I never dared to simply take water, because my eye doctor recommended to do not so. Or is it just scaremongering, so that I have to buy the expensive cleaning solution?

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Your eye doctor is right! I even once made the mistake and cleaned my contact lenses with water and then preserved them in a schnapps glass with water in the night! The contact lenses were yellow after that night and looked very very strange!

When I inserted my lenses again after doing so, my eyes were hurting incredibly, and I think, I was fairly close to an eye infection!

This is really not to be trifled, the eyes are very sensitive and it is more than frivolous, to not disinfect the lenses properly!
2012-08-25 at 11:44

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It often happens to me too, that I sometimes spontaneously stay overnight at my best friend and then have no more desire to go home.

At this friend, I then just have a storage container for contact lenses and a bottle of lens solution. If it often occurs at the same people, this is definitely the best solution. Simply keep another of your utensils there.

Otherwise, you can also take a small bottle with care solution and a storage box with you (in your purse, your car, etc). That does not take up much space, and in an emergency it is always with you!

Anything with water or the like, I would not even try. This can quite turn out shit.
2012-08-25 at 17:34

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I have once heard, that you can also take mineral water or spit! Saliva comes pretty close to the fluid in the eyes and should be the first choice.

But I would only try that in case of emergency! And I take no responsibility for this tip! Maybe, someone of you knows even more accurateabout that?  Then please write a comment below mine.
2012-08-26 at 09:32

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You can take common salt solution for your contact lenses. You can do that yourself by mixing water and salt (mix 1 teaspoon salt with no additives to half a litre of water and bring that to boil respectively boiling off it) or you buy it at the pharmacy.

But keep in mind: This saline solution has no cleansing effect. So, in any case, you have to clean your lenses again in the morning with the correct cleaning solution. If possible, you can also let the lenses in the solution, go home and then clean it again properly.
2012-08-28 at 11:42

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Another little tip from me: In an emergency, you can also leave the lenses overnight in your eyes! With some lenses, that should not be a problem and I have also survived that once. However, you should better not do that too often, your eyes also still need rest!
2012-08-30 at 20:17

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Temporary saline solution for storage is your best bet, or even just boiled (and cooled down again) water. It will save your contacts and you can rinse and clean them properly at home. Keeping them moist in cling film and a few drops of water works too. Tap water has way too much bacteria and pathogens to be safe without being boiled first, and even then barely good enough for temporary storage.

Alternatively, and perhaps better, you could switch to a type of contacts approved for extended wear, like 6 days or 30 days continuously. They can stay in the eye over night, and they work very well as regular monthly contact which you take out at night too. Keeping them on over night is an option ;-)
2014-01-20 at 01:24

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Fill a lens case with your all purpose storage solution and take it with you when you go out. This way you are only carrying the small lens case, and can put your lenses in it over night to keep them hydrated. You can even reinsert them in the morning.
2015-11-01 at 14:39

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