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May I wear contact lenses during sports?

Question by Shop Me | 2012-07-18 at 23:52

I am still relatively fresh with contact lenses and I am not sure, if I can or should wear the lenses while playing sports without problems.

Is there anything important to note with this, can something go wrong when I do it or is it not recommended for sport in general?

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It is not disadvisable at all, sometimes it is even a better alternative for sports to wear contact lenses instead of glasses. Finally, you should keep in mind some drawbacks of wearing glasses during sports:

  • The glasses are quickly broken when they are hited by a ball and with this, there is also the risk of injury.
  • Sometimes, fast or other movements drops the glasses down and I am not only thinking about exercises like headstands and the like.
  •  When you do sports, you sweat and your eyewear can fog up quickly. Not a good combination.

In all three points, the contact lenses have a clear advantage. The lenses are firmly seated in the eye, they do not fog up and they go through any of your moves.

Nevertheless, you can of course loose contact lenses (for example, in the water during swimming). Therefore, you should, for instance, take daily lenses to swin, so that a possible loss is not a problem. Again: Contact lenses are the ideal companion for the sport!
2012-07-19 at 09:47

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I have been using contact lenses for sports for a long time, and I am also often swimming with lenses! There has never been happened something and I had never had any problems with it!

Okay, if you will be splashed directly or you try opening your eyes while diving under the water, that would probably be not a good idea. But otherwise it should work!
2012-07-20 at 17:15

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