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Football/Soccer: Since when are there yellow and red cards?

Question by Hero12 | 2016-06-07 at 21:25

At which football match were the famous yellow and red cards actually used for the first time? Were yellow and red cards introduced simultaneously at the same time or was there one card introduced earlier before the other?

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Yellow and red cards were introduced simultaneously. They were used at the football World Cup 1970 in Mexico for the first time.

On May 31, 1970, in the opening match of this championships, Mexico against Soviet Union, the referee Kurt Tschenscher pulled the first yellow card of history.

However, the first red card during a World Cup came to use 4 years later on July 14, 1974. It was the game Germany against Chile.

The yellow-red card was introduced much later in 1991.
2016-06-07 at 22:08

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