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Football/Soccer: What happens in a draw on a penalty shootout?

Question by Laura89 | 2019-03-06 at 20:27

If there was no winner in both regular and extra time in a football game, penalties will be required for tournaments that require a winner. So for example at a World Cup or a European Championship.

But what happens if the penalty shoot-out is a draw and both teams are exactly as good as the other? How is the winner of the game determined in that case?

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The case that a penalty shootout results in a draw can not happen.

The penalty shoot-out will be continued round by round until a winner is determined. So long until one team has scored at least one more goal in one round than the other.

If necessary, it will be played forever, because sooner or later the goalkeeper will eventually hold a ball or a player misses a ball.

There were already penalties lasting 3 hours.
2019-03-06 at 23:31

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