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Does movement or further training help against sore muscles?
Sometimes I have some muscle aching after exercising. A colleague of mine has now claimed that you just need to continue training...
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Sport despite Vaccination?
I was vaccinated today and normally today I would go to the gym (strength and endurance sports). Now I'm wondering if this...
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What do you need a sweatband for?
I have often seen athletes using sweatbands. Mostly on the forehead, but sometimes also on the arms, especially tennis players...
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Protein Shake - With milk or water?
I would like to really start my weight training in the gym (muscle building) and I thought that I should treat myself to a...
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McFit: Are glass bottles allowed in the studio?
I will soon have my first training session at the McFit gym and of course I do not want to offend right at the...
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Are the Olympic Gold Medals actually made of Silver?
My uncle recently told us that the gold medals at Olympia are not made of gold at all. Instead, they should only have a thin...
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Psychonaut: I think that the rumor comes from the fact that one is distracted by further movement and therefore the pain is indeed present, but one no...
Question | Does movement or further training help against sore muscles?
Fit Like Never Before: To my knowledge, that is nonsense. Once you have sore muscles, you can hardly train it away. However, generally, against sore muscles...
Question | Does movement or further training help against sore muscles?
Mopsi99: Better avoid sports for a few days. The vaccine will stress your immune system, and sports will temporarily weaken your immune system. Not...
Question | Sport despite Vaccination?
MediMan: If you want to be on the safe side, you should not do sports for 2 to 3 days after the vaccination and ask your doctor what about sports...
Question | Sport despite Vaccination?
Barbell78: As the name implies, a sweatband should keep the sweat from running down on you. When the sweatbands are worn around the...
Question | What do you need a sweatband for?
Sporting Ace: Some of my colleagues swear to make protein shakes in principle only with water. Their argument is that water has no calories, but milk...
Question | Protein Shake - With milk or water?

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