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Has Belgium ever been Football World Champion?

Question by Wolta | 2018-06-29 at 20:41

For years, Belgium has been handled and treated as the secret favorite of every World Cup and every European Football Championship. Honestly, I can not remember that it has ever been enough to win the title. Can somebody tell me if Belgium has ever made to become world champion?

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Belgium has never become a football world champion. Even at the European Championships, it has not yet been enough for the title.

Belgium came the furthest at the World Cup 2018 in Russia. Here Belgium made it to the semifinals, but has therein been defeated by the later world champion France with 0-1, but then could win the match for third place against England 2-0. Also at the World Cup 1986 in Mexico, Belgium made it to the semifinals, but then succumbed in the match for third place against France 2-4 after extra time.

The best result of a European Championship reached Belgium in 1980 in Italy. Here Belgium played 1-2 against Germany in the final. Furthermore, in 1972 Belgium reached the third place at the EC in their own country (2-1 against Hungary in the match for third place).

More information can be found in the list of all previous World Cup Champions and in the overview of which countries have won the World Cup and how often.
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