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Mac OS X: CTRL + C/V/A/X not working

Question by Ive | 2016-06-07 at 19:24

I have to work on an Apple Mac with the operating system Mac OS X for some days at my work and somehow, I am already failing with doing the most simple things.

For example, no single keyboard shortcut is working! CTRL + C to copy is not working, the same applies to CTRL + V for pasting, CTRL + X for cutting out or CTRL + A for selecting all.

Are those key combinations not implemented on the Mac yet or what am I doing wrong here?

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On a Mac, you have to use another command key for those shortcuts. Instead of using the CTRL key, you have to use the CMD key in the Mac OS X world. You can find this key on both sides next to the space key on the Apple keyboard.

Accordingly, you are using CMD + C to copy something on a Mac, you can use CMD + V to paste, CMD + X to cut out and CMD + A to select all.
2016-06-08 at 17:50

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