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Show Taskmanager on the Mac

Question by Guest | 2016-11-06 at 13:32

On Windows, you can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + ESC for showing of the task manager. In this tool, you can see a list of all running applications and processes.

Does the operating system Mac OS X also has a task manager or a similar equivalent for the same purpose? Sometimes I am just missing the possibility to quickly close or terminate the program or a process on the Mac manually.

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There is also something like a task manager available on the Mac. Depending on whether you want to quit or terminate a program or you rather want to show a list of the running processes, there are two different windows.

  • Force Quit Applications: Using the key combination CMD + ALT + ESC you can display in the window "Force Quit Applications" on your Mac. In this window, you can see a list of all running programs, which can be selected in the list and then terminated by clicking the button "Force Quit" below.
  • Activity Monitor: The other information you can also find in Windows task manager, such as CPU, processes, storage, energy, hard drives and network can be found in the program "Activity Monitor" on your Mac. You can find it under "Applications / Utilities". On the tab "CPU" you can also find all running processes. If you select one of those processes and if you click on the "X" (Force Quit) after that, you can terminate this process manually.

I think with those tools you should have the same possibilities on Mac OS X like on Windows.
2016-11-06 at 15:02

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