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What are calibrated discs in the gym?

Question by Guest | 2019-09-17 at 19:26

Recently, I talked to a colleague about my new gym. One of his first questions was whether there are calibrated discs in my studio.

I have no idea what that could be. To ask him was also out of the question for me, otherwise he will think that I'm stupid. So can anyone tell me what calibrated discs are?

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The term "calibrated discs" refers to the weights. A weight is calibrated if it exactly has the weight that it is declared to have.

If a weight plate is calibrated and it is labeled with 10 kilograms, then it weighs exactly 10 kg with a minimum deviation.

Of course, the calibration can not only refer to the weights and weight plates, but also to all other weights in the gym. For the average user, it should not matter much if a weight weighs a few grams more or less than it says.
2019-09-18 at 09:23

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