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Female Term for Gentleman
Is there actually a female counterpart for gentlemen? You could of course create a word like gentlewoman or gentlewomen, but that...
Question | 2 Answers
Are 0800 numbers also free from mobile phones?
Can you actually call a 0800 number from a mobile phone for free? Or is that possible only over the fixed lines network...
Question | 1 Answer
How to address a Hermes Shop?
I have ordered something on eBay and now the seller is ready to send the goods to me with a package from Hermes. So far, I have...
Question | 6 Answers
Which team has how often been Champion of the German Bundesliga?
That Bayern Munich (or Bayern München in German) is the record champion of the first German men's football league Bundesliga...
Info | 0 Comments
Did two countries ever have to play against each other twice during one FIFA World Cup?
I have just once again looked at my last Football Worldcup Planner and started a little thought experiment. Assuming the first...
Question | 1 Answer
What does the 72 in the south curve of Bayern Munich mean?
Whenever watching football with FC Bayern Munich on television and the camera shows the fans in the south curve, you can see a 72...
Question | 1 Answer

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Larosso: The traditional role of a gentleman is actually male, which is why there is no real equivalent for a female gentleman. Of...
Question | Female Term for Gentleman
FromDenver: The female equivalent for Gentleman is Lady. That is also the reason for saying „Ladys and...
Question | Female Term for Gentleman
Consumer: If you call a 0800 number from Germany, this is always free. No matter whether you call the number with the mobile phone or over the...
Question | Are 0800 numbers also free from mobile phones?
Guest: Oh sure, you can! If e.g. Amazon sent a package to the Hermesshop, then only with the name and not the actual address. But:...
Question | How to address a Hermes Shop?
Guest: You will probably need something to pick up your package, a text message, an e-mail, etc.! Hermes also gives notifications when the...
Question | How to address a Hermes Shop?
Series Junkie: In some order processing forms, there is already an extra field for the Hermes Package Shop. So if you have specified Hermes as shipping...
Question | How to address a Hermes Shop?

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