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How much does a referee earn at the World Cup?
Everyone knows that footballers are earning huge sums for their game. But what about the income of the referees at the Soccer...
Question | 1 Answer
Meaning of lmao
In chats, forums or, for example, when using WhatsApp, I always get to see the abbreviation lmao. I'm not sure if the first...
Question | 1 Answer
Olympic Games: Are the gold medals really made of pure gold?
At the Olympic Games, an incredible number of medals are awarded for all kinds of sports. I am really wondering, whether all of...
Question | 1 Answer
Olympic Games: How many disciplines are there?
I am just wondering how many different sports, events or disciplines there are really at the Olympics. It seems as if there are...
Question | 1 Answer
Why is milk white?
I am drinking milk in large quantities every day and night. Now, I am sitting with my glass of milk on my beautiful terrace, like...
Question | 1 Answer
What does the smiley XO mean?
I know, times are changing and the usual old-school smileys like :) or ;) seem not to be enough for today's hip generation...
Question | 1 Answer

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NewShower: The abbreviation stands for "laughing my ass off", so the first letter is an L. This is an English phrase and means something...
Question | Meaning of lmao
Albatross66: The last real gold medal was awarded in 1912 at the Olympic Games in Stockholm. At that time, the medals were only 24 grams in weight, the...
Question | Olympic Games: Are the gold medals really made of pure gold?
Albatross66: The exact number of disciplines (competitions) may vary from year to year. In 2016, for example, there were 306 different disciplines...
Question | Olympic Games: How many disciplines are there?
Smart Alex: This has to do with molecules. In milk, there are many fats and proteins, which are all molecules. These molecules are not...
Question | Why is milk white?
Woppy: XO is standing for kiss and hug. The X is standing for the kiss, the O is standing for the hug. By the way, there are also the...
Question | What does the smiley XO mean?
Never Rich Enough: How it looks at this year's World Cup, I do not know. I only heard about the World Cup 2006 on the radio, I do not know if the...
Question | How much does a referee earn at the World Cup?

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