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How to lose weight without hurting my body?

Question by Nacyee | Last update on 2019-09-19 | Created on 2019-09-19

How to lose weight in a healthy way? I don't want to go through the extreme method, such as not eating and drinking. It's like a torture.

I am looking for some healthy methods that is not hurting my body. If you have some good advise, please let me know.

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The hurting methods are also the methods that are most unhealthy and most ineffective.

It makes no sense to stop eating at all. This will only bring your body to an alarm state, because your body will think that you are in an famine emergency. Okay, you will lose some weight with that, but in that alarm state, your body will try to burn less calories as possible. The effect will be, that as soon as you are eating something, you will be fatter than ever before.

Instead, you should go the slow way. Reduce your food, but not so much that you are getting very very hungry. Eat better things than before. Drink water instead of soft drinks. Start doing some sports. 

When going that way, you will lose weight parenthetically without much effort.
2019-09-19 at 21:48

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What you said is a good advice. I tried not to eat or only eat a small amount before, only vegetable and drink a glass of milk that all my day's supply. By doing so, I can lose weight very obviously but also I am often out of energy and can't focus.

I start to do some exercise and take a walk after dinner. It's slow but it's healthy.
2019-09-27 at 05:43

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