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Jogging with overweight

Question by Guest | 2012-05-23 at 16:50

I am overweight, and like any other obese person, I wonder how I can probably lose weight best.

When I was slim, I was jogging regularly and was able to hold my weight well with this, at least until I stopped the jogging, because it was getting stressful at work.

Can I now just start again with the running or have I anything to consider? I am also thinking about my joints and whether it would me get anywhere at all doing it.

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It is not enough to go jogging solely in order to lose weight automatically: It is important, that you also reorder your food and your nutrition, and especially keeping it regularly.

Only if you take less to you than you burn up, you can lose weight in the long term!
2012-05-28 at 21:24

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I do not know how strong is your excess weight. The heavier you are, the more dangerous it is for your joints.

Medical Check

In any case, I would recommend you to go first to your doctor and get yourself checked up. Possibly, the doctor will say, that you are not fully resilient from the beginning and that you first should start slowly and under medical supervision with your training. Here, for example, the doctor can make some performance tests. Otherwise, it may be that you're overwhelmed in the woods and simply fall down and lie somewhere without any help.

Joint-Friendly Sports

Also, I would suggest, to first begin with joint-friendly sports. For example, you can go cycling or use the elliptical machine. Both can also be done at the gym well. The advantage here would be, that you do not have to intercept your entire weight at each step. On the bike, your weight is laying on the saddle and you are saving your joints.

Only after you have then achieved a lower weight (of course, with a change in diet), I would switch to the jogging or other sports.
2012-05-25 at 11:06

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Make sure to start going slowly and do not overexert yourself. So, if you start, you're walking only a few meters, then you are jogging, then you turn back walking and so on and on. Over time, you can then always jog longer distances and it is important that you always take care of you and hear to your body. Once it starts to hurt, you have to stop immediately! As long as you still feel comfortable, it should not happen something very bad.
2012-05-31 at 10:59

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Start first with walking or Nordic walking. To walk with quick steps should be a better alternative for you than to start with a marathon!
2012-05-26 at 18:29

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