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Levis Jeans: Difference between Slight, Demi, Bold and Supreme Curve ID

Question by Laura89 | 2015-06-03 at 16:41

Not long ago, once again, I was about to buy a Levis jeans, but then I had to realize that apparently, the normal sizes are no longer available at the stores.

Instead, now there are so-called Curve ID jeans in the versions Slight, Demi, Bold and Supreme.

But what is the exact difference between these models or cuts and which cut should I take? The seller had no idea and said I should look on the Internet for some information.

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Levis has analyzed body shapes and proportions of many women. From the results, Levis has developed different jeans for the various body types.

  • Slight Curve: The Slight Curve is designed for women who have a relatively small difference between the waist and the hips. This jeans should be able to emphasize even smaller backsides.
  • Bold Curve: In contrast, the Bold Curve is designed for women who have a big difference between waist and hip width.
  • Demi Curve: The Demi Curve is between the Slight Curve and the Bold Curve.
  • Supreme Curve: This model was added later and is designed for women who have an even greater difference between the waist and the hips than covered by the Bold Curve. At rear, these pants are cut slightly higher to cover everything.

The respective models are available in different versions, for example, low waist (low rise), middle waist (modern rise) and higher rise (hi waist).

So, which of those cuts you should take at best, depends on your build. A seller knowing the cuts can surely help you or you have to try them out to find it out for yourself.
2015-06-03 at 16:43

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