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Levis: What are Modern Rise Jeans?

Question by Supermausi | 2015-05-13 at 15:43

More and more I am having problems with looking through the different names of jeans models today.

Okay, I know that Low Rise means that the jeans has a low waist and of course, I also know that High Waist means that the jeans is sitting at the waist.

But recently, it has seen a pair of jeans from Levis labeled as so-called "Modern Rise"-Cut. Can someone tell me what that means?

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For Levis, "Modern Rise" means a medium rise. 

Therefore, "Modern Rise" is somewhere between "Low Rise" and "High Waist" in the middle.

However, I must say that such terms are not standardized and can vary across the manufacturers. For another manufacturer, "Modern Rise" can mean something completely different, but you have indeed asked for Levis jeans.
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