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What is an Ankle Jeans?

Question by Mandy | 2018-12-17 at 12:08

Recently a saleswoman spoke of a so-called "ankle jeans". Of course, I did not dare to ask anyone in the business what that could be. That's why I prefer to ask here anonymously and without embarrassment. Can anyone tell me what kind of jeans that is? Maybe a special cut?

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The Ankle Jeans are characterized by the length of their trouser legs, which are somewhat shorter than at a normal-length jeans and reach down to the ankle.

Since one shows some leg with these jeans and draws the attention to the shoes, this pants variant is preferred to wear in spring and summer. In addition, there are ankle pants in all possible fits and colors. So you can wear ankle jeans skinny as well as in some else cut.
2018-12-17 at 17:32

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