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Is it possible to shorten the heels of high heels?

Question by Guest | 2015-09-30 at 09:14

Recently, in a shoe store, I fall in love with a pair of high heels. I couldn't do anything else than buying them immediately. Unfortunately, that was the reason, that I have not considered before purchasing that the heels of those shoes are actually much too high for me.

Nevertheless, I am loving this gorgeous high heels and I would like to go out with them someday. Do you think that it could be possible to shorten the heel of the shoe a little bit? I think that if they were about 3 or 4 centimeters lower, I could much better walk in them.

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I probably have to disappoint you. In my opinion, that is not reasonably possible. Sure, theoretically, you can cut a few centimeters at the bottom of the heel, you can set a new tip and perhaps, you can also repaint the heel or do something else that this little modification will not stand out.

But, however, and here it is the big but: This will only affect the heel! The remaining shoe and especially the front of the shoe is tailored to fit exactly the height of the heel! So, if there are missing some centimeters at the back, the slope and the angle of the shoe will no longer fit to the rest. Probably, the shorter heel will float in the air and also the angle of the heel will no longer fit.

Therefore, my suggestion is to let the shoes like they are and to keep them in your wardrobe first. Maybe, in some time, you have more practice to walk on higher shoes so that you can wear them. Till then, you can practice with a little bit lower shoes or you should only wear them to occasions where you do not have to walk much.
2015-10-01 at 03:45

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