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How to make scraped high heels beautiful and looking like new ones

Tip by Lipstick | 2011-11-27 at 15:55

Every woman knows the problem with heels full of scratches and scuffs. Whenever you scrape along somewhere, for example when driving a car, on the stairs, or if you get stuck in the drain or a lattice, it causes this ugly scrapes and scratches on the heels! The shoes are still brand new, but the heels already look old and ugly!

The Solution

The solution is simple: Take black nail polish or black permanent marker (or the color that you need) and simply paint over the scratches. Yet, the scratches and even small holes do not stand out any more!

And if you travel a lot with your car and high heels on: Actually, it is always a good idea to have a second pair of flat shoes in the car. If you wear them, your beautful high heels will be at least spared during the ride!

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You can also wax your shoes previously. Then they are no longer vulnerable to scratches! For me it has often helped!

Another tip is to use clear coat or colorless nail polish before you are wearing your shoes. Simply brush your heels with this and mostly it looks even more beautiful with this glory (of course only if that suits the shoes). This also helps to keep the heels longer as they are.
2011-12-07 at 15:58

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