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What do you think about the High Heels Formula?

Info by Shop Me | 2014-01-09 at 17:55

Recently, one of my girl friends told me something about a very interesting thing: the so-called High Heels Formula. Supposedly, every woman can use this formula to determine her individual optimum heel height. According to the formula, the optimal heel height is different for each woman.

If we believe in the formula, there are some women who really should not wear any high heels, while the feet of other women just seem to be made for very high shoes. Eventually, the optimum height for the heels can also be at 9 centimeters, and even higher.

How to determine your optimum heel height

In order to determine your own optimum heel height, you should proceed as follows:

  1. First, take off your shoes and socks and sit down on a chair.
  2. Next, stretch your entire leg horizontally straight forward.
  3. Let your feet loose and relaxed.
  4. Now it entirely depends on the position of your feet. The more the toe stands forward, the higher is your optimal heel. You can measure the distance between the front part and the rear part of the foot in the vertical. That is: If the foot is standing upward at a right angle relative to the leg, the distance is 0 cm, flat shoes are the optimum. Otherwise, the more the relaxed foot is going forward beyond the imaginary vertical line, the higher is the optimal heel. For example, if the distance is 7 cm, the optimum heel height is 7 cm.

What do you think about this theory? I think that this theory can at least explain my observation that some women seem to be really natural talents running on super high heels without any problems while others seem to have no chance to learn it.

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I just wonder what's up with men. Traditionally, men are not wearing any heels at all but according to this formula it could happen, that a man has an optimum heel height ranging in the high-heels-level.

What shall this man do? Should he spoil his tread by wearing the wrong flat shoes?

As you can see again, women have it much better on this world. 
2014-01-13 at 22:48

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I think, this theory is very interesting and I will try it the next days.

I have also heard from some of my friends that they rather like to walk on higher 10 cm shoes than on shoes having a much smaller 4 cm heel. Perhaps the reason lies in this formula.
2023-11-25 at 21:27

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