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Learning to walk on Ballet Heels

Question by Guest | 2015-12-10 at 16:22

My boyfriend is really into high heels, the higher, the better. He really loves the highest shoes, I think more than each woman in the world! Unfortunately, I have to confess that I hardly had any experiences to walk on high heels before coming together with him. I even only possess few shoes, the fewest with higher heels.

However, for Christmas, I want to suprise him with buying some really high ballet boots for me. Before, I even did not know that such kind of shoes exists! I only know about those shoes, because my boyfriend is often watching videos on the Internet showing women walking on such really heigh ballet high heels.

And therefore, I thought that it could be a good idea to surprise him with them. However, I am afraid that I cannot walk on them because I have already problems with normal high heels. So, does anyone have some tips and tricks on me? I prefer a detailed step by step introduction so that I can learn it from the beginning.

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I have to disappoint you. If you have never walked on high heels before, it will not be possible to learn walking on ballet heels in only two weeks!

You really need much practice to walk only 1 meter! It is very hard! First, you should start with the highest heels, you could walk on. Maybe that are 7 or 10 cm. Only after you are good in walking at this height, you should increase the height (and only in short steps). So, it will take a long time until you are ready for the ballet boots!

Perhaps you can nevertheless buy the ballet boots to surprise him when sitting on the couch or lying on the bed, but walking I think, is impossible that time.
2015-12-10 at 19:16

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