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How do viruses make us ill?
As far as I know, a virus consists only of its genetic information, which has been wrapped in a simple protein envelope. Viruses...
Question | 1 Answer
Does movement or further training help against sore muscles?
Sometimes I have some muscle aching after exercising. A colleague of mine has now claimed that you just need to continue training...
Open Question | 2 Answers
Build Muscles only through the right Diet
A colleague of mine keeps telling me that he is an absolute professional in terms of muscle building and fitness. His latest idea...
Question | 2 Answers
Sport despite Vaccination?
I was vaccinated today and normally today I would go to the gym (strength and endurance sports). Now I'm wondering if this...
Question | 2 Answers
May I conceal other diseases from my doctor?
I hate to go to the doctor and most of all I'm bothered by all the questions you always get asked there. The worst i...
Question | 1 Answer
May I drink alcohol while taking antibiotics?
Is it okay to consume alcoholic drinks while taking an antibiotic? I should take my antibiotic for a total of 10 days and I am...
Question | 2 Answers

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MediMan: For a virus to multiply, it needs a host cell, which can be, for example, a human cell. Viruses inject their own genetic information...
Question | How do viruses make us ill?
Psychonaut: I think that the rumor comes from the fact that one is distracted by further movement and therefore the pain is indeed present, but one no...
Question | Does movement or further training help against sore muscles?
Forever Young: Unfortunately, this is not possible. But I'm always amazed at what people come up with to pull the money out of poor fellows like...
Question | Build Muscles only through the right Diet
Fit Like Never Before: Stay away from this charlatan! He just rips you and I find it embarrassing to want to have so much money, when he knows exactly that it is...
Question | Build Muscles only through the right Diet
Fit Like Never Before: To my knowledge, that is nonsense. Once you have sore muscles, you can hardly train it away. However, generally, against sore muscles...
Question | Does movement or further training help against sore muscles?
Mopsi99: Better avoid sports for a few days. The vaccine will stress your immune system, and sports will temporarily weaken your immune system. Not...
Question | Sport despite Vaccination?

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