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How to get ketchup out of the bottle
Can someone give me any good tip or trick for getting ketchup out of its bottle comfortably? Especially when opening ...
Question | 1 Answer
Grate Horseradish without Crying
Grating or rubbing horse radish is a lot worse than cutting onions for me. It does not last 10 seconds until I have the first...
Tip | 0 Comments
How do silicone breasts feel like?
Because I have relatively small breasts, I am thinking about getting some bigger breasts made of silicon right now. Alon...
Question | 4 Answers
Aching Muscles after Vaccination
Yesterday, I was at the doctor for brushing up my vaccinations. When vaccinating, I got the syringe into my arm. Directly after...
Question | 1 Answer
Up to what age do humans grow?
I am 16 years old and I am only around 1.70 meters tall. It seems as if I am not growing anymore since some time! Is that normal?...
Question | 1 Answer
Do Pepsi, Fanta and Sprite really belong to Coca Cola?
Yesterday on a birthday party, one of my colleagues claimed that great beverage brands such as Pepsi, Fanta and Sprite actually...
Question | 1 Answer

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Mopsi99: Just take a drinking straw or some long toothpick and pierce into the full bottle before using it. You should pierce down to the...
Question | How to get ketchup out of the bottle
Guest: The feeling is something like touching a balloon plumpy filled with water. If not even harder like...
Question | How do silicone breasts feel like?
Laura89: In my opinion, this hardly depends on how big the implants are, you want to put in. You will hardly recognize smaller ones, while it...
Question | How do silicone breasts feel like?
Honda1988: Real big breasts are much more caving, they are rather flabby and wobbly and you can bruise and squeeze them back and forth...
Question | How do silicone breasts feel like?
Guest: I have silicone breasts and I have to say that my new breasts are feeling much harder compared to my nature breasts I had before....
Question | How do silicone breasts feel like?
MediMan: No need to worry, this is the normal immune system response to the vaccine. This reaction shows you that your immune system is working and...
Question | Aching Muscles after Vaccination

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Eyelid is twitching constantly
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