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May I conceal other diseases from my doctor?
I hate to go to the doctor and most of all I'm bothered by all the questions you always get asked there. The worst i...
Question | 1 Answer
May I drink alcohol while taking antibiotics?
Is it okay to consume alcoholic drinks while taking an antibiotic? I should take my antibiotic for a total of 10 days and I am...
Question | 2 Answers
Difference between Cigarette and Cigarillo
Can someone explain to me what the difference between cigarettes and cigarillos is? Sure, cigarettes are rolled into white paper...
Question | 1 Answer
How long does a cigarette last?
Can someone tell me how long it takes to smoke a single cigarette? I need this information, because the smoker breaks of some of...
Question | 1 Answer
Is Muscle Ache unhealthy?
I regularly have sore muscles after exercising. Of course, I wonder if that can be healthy in the long run. Can you get secondary...
Question | 1 Answer
Doctor should take me seriously - How can I achieve that?
What can you do to make doctors take you more seriously? Whenever I am at the doctor's, I have the feeling that the doctor...
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MediMan: You do not give this information just because the doctor is curious! This information is necessary for your own safety. For...
Question | May I conceal other diseases from my doctor?
Post Doc: In fact, I've already heard that some antibiotics can tolerate low levels of alcohol - even though I would never try it. However, one...
Question | May I drink alcohol while taking antibiotics?
MediMan: For antibiotics in general you can not answer this question meaningful, since there are antibiotics that tolerate a glass of beer or...
Question | May I drink alcohol while taking antibiotics?
FastDriver: The average duration is 4-6 minutes. However, the duration very much depends on how you smoke your cigarette. If you smoke...
Question | How long does a cigarette last?
FastDriver: Basically, cigarillos are small cigars. For cigars, whole tobacco leaves are rolled and also in cigarillos much larger pieces of tobacco...
Question | Difference between Cigarette and Cigarillo
MediMan: As far as I know, muscle soreness is a completely normal condition that can occur after exercise and disappears without any consequential...
Question | Is Muscle Ache unhealthy?

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