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Are there women wearing high heels each day?

Question by Guest | 2016-07-25 at 11:47

Some of my girl friends would never put on high heels in life, even not to occasions such as a prom or something like that. Other girls I know are wearing high heels more often, however, in most cases rather for going out and parties.

Therefore, my question is, whether there is a woman at all, wearing high heels permanently, even in every day life. I just want to ask you.

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I indeed love high shoes, but I do not wear them everyday. For me, the occasion has to fit. This is not the case when doing some sports or going to a forest walk in nature. I think, most women are thinking like me in that point.

Of course, there might be some women that are really wearing high heels daily. Presumably, those women have come to a point at which they could not walk on normal shoes anymore at some point, so that they have moved to high heels completely at that time.
2016-07-26 at 08:17

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