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High Heels are too loud

Question by Guest | 2015-07-04 at 13:11

From time to time, I really love to wear high-heeled shoes. However, often, the loudness resulting from the heels is very annoying.

This constant clacking is quite conspicuous and the whole time, someone is watching because of that.

Sometimes, I am also wearing my high heels within my apartment in order to get used to them, and you can imagine that I do not want to make awake my neighbors with the noise.

Do you have any idea to making the high heels quieter when walking with them?

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There are some kind of rubber coatings or covers available for the heels which you can put over each heel at the bottom. This is making the shoes significantly quieter. For example, when breaking into a new pair of shoes within your flat, you can use those things quite well.

Otherwise, the noise and the loudness also depends on the shoe and the way you walk: one shoe is quieter, the other shoe is louder (especially heels made of steel or metal). Depending on how you are walking and treading, also makes the volume vary. Just have to try with different techniques.
2015-07-07 at 09:58

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I have to say, that personally, I do not think that hells making some noise or heels that are clacking are bad at all! Sure, it should not be that loud within an apartment when it is disturbing the neighbors, but on the street, I like nothing more than hearing the melody of high high heels.

Maybe, you need just a little bit more of self-confidence, then you will no longer feel that everyone around you is looking for the clacking.
2015-07-08 at 15:22

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