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Longer Jeans to High Heels?

Question by Guest | 2018-06-18 at 15:50

Yesterday I had a discussion with my best friend. It was about the optimal length of a pair of pants or jeans when wearing high shoes.

I own some jeans that I only wear together with high heels. These pants would normally be too long for me (maybe 1 to 3 sizes) and I wear them so that they fall a bit over the shoes.

My friend thought that was total nonsense, she would always wear the same length to both flat and high shoes.

What do you all mean? And what pants length do you buy to high-heeled shoes?

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If I am wearing my beautiful high heels, then I would not come up with the idea to hide them under long pants. So I definitely would not wear a three-length-longer-as-usual pair of pants to high heels.

Okay, maybe the pants may be a bit longer than normal, but you should be able to see the heel completely, that is why I put on those shoes!
2018-06-19 at 07:36

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Personally, I would not hide my high heels under too long trousers, but I have already seen women who have combined that well and this made it look quite good.

Of course, the outfit loses some of its elegance compared to seeing the entire shoe. Depending on the occasion, that may well be desired and then I think it's okay to hide the heels a bit.

It can also be sexy, if everyone puzzles, how high the hidden heels could be. In any case it stimulates the imagination ...
2018-06-19 at 17:57

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