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Tricks: How to make Jeans tighter

Question by Princess | 2013-01-20 at 17:26

With some of my jeans, there is the problem that they have went baggy with time. Several jeans are only fitting normally directly after washing. As soon as I have worn them a few hours, they are flapping again.

Especially at the bottom and the thighs I would like to have them closer to my body.

Are there any tricks to achieve this? For example, I have heard that you can make jeans shrink with washing them too hot. Is there something to that? Or what else can I do?

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The best and most important tip for tight jeans, I can give you, concerns the buying of jeans: a pair of jeans must be purchased as tight as possible, because jeans will never be as tight as at the time of buying again! It is normal that jeans wear out over time and when wearing them for a long time anyway.

So, you should buy at least one, preferably two sizes smaller than fitting exactly. Even if you nearly cannot close the jeans when buying - these are the trousers that will fit perfectly later when they have widened somewhat over time.
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I have already tried a lot to get jeans tighter again, too. But most of my trials came to nothing.

When washing the jeans very hot, when putting them in the dryer for a long time or when boiling of them in a pot for a while, you get them tighter (the effect as after washing) - but that will hold only for a short period of time and can also have the opposite effect when you are trying it with stretch jeans: the stretch part of the jeans can be destroyed by heat, so that it is over with the pants. So, this method should only be applied to jeans without stretch.

Otherwise, I have also tried to sew a pair of jeans a bit tighter. That means: Turning the jeans on the left and sewing a little bit off the width. Unfortunately, the result was looking strange (you have immediately seen that it was sewed) or the seam did not hold. 

So I definitely agree on Lipstick: the purchase will decide how tight the jeans will be. Rather buy your jeans a size narrower - the jeans will anyway expand with time. Unfortunately, many people are still thinking that a jeans had to fit exactly on purchase...
2013-01-23 at 13:46

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Caution! If it is a stretch jeans, never wash it hot or boil it or use fabric softener because all of these things are destroying the stretch fibers. This is making the pants ruined and it will become even wider! I have already broke a pair of jeans down with this.

Otherwise, I can only join the other answers: How tight a pair of jeans is, is decided on purchase. Later, it is only possible to sew them smaller, but this is usually looking like shit.
2013-04-15 at 23:13

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In cases, it is not a stretch jeans (100% cotton), boiling the jeans can nevertheless help to shrink. As it is well known, the best is to put the jeans in a saucepan with salt water.

But beware: It can happen that the pants will only shrink in the length so that the jeans are becoming too short. Or it can happen that they do not shrink at all (often this is with expensive jeans of good quality).

So, I would only try it in exceptional cases, for example, if the jeans would otherwise be thrown away anyway. Or just try to cook the jeans at a lower temperature first (not 90 degrees) and then increment.
2013-05-03 at 13:04

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I have another little but somewhat unusual tip on how to get the jeans closer again at least visually.

Just wear something underneath. For example a thicker tights, a pantyhose or something like that.

While - of course - this solves the problem only indirectly, you can at least reach that the jeans is again looking skintight fitting closely and wrinkle-free without so much flapping.
2014-04-14 at 16:20

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