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What are Muffin Top Jeans?

Question by Shop Me | Last update on 2021-05-12 | Created on 2013-03-15

Lately, I have often encountered the phrase "muffin top" in the context of tight jeans in diverse fashion and clothing forums on the Internet. But I could not make any sense of this term. Can someone give me a definition and say what they mean when they are talking about muffin top jeans?

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Muffin Top means: It is looking like a muffin at the top. This refers to the fat swelling out on top of a tight jeans and thereby looking like the dough overhanging over the cake-pan of a muffin.

Here is a little illustration of this phenomenon:

(    )
 |  |

Below it is straight, at the top it is overflowing: the same picture emerges in both, the jeans as well as the muffins.

Whether a muffin top is regarded as positive or negative remains to be seen. My experience is that many women do not want to see a muffin top at themselves, because they think that they are looking too fat with this. However, at the same time, many men find it sexy.
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It’s a word many people like to use to point out when someone is wearing very tight jeans etc specially if they don’t like it themselves, I find. They like to use it to point out when the stomach is pointing out.
2023-07-18 at 12:27

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